Artists and Aliens Film Festival
Aug 18 @ 12:00 – Aug 20 @ 22:00
Artists and Aliens Film Festival


18-20 August 2017 in Ritz, Vaasa

Artists and Aliens Film Festival brightens up the City of Vaasa for the first time this August. This  festival is happening for the first time and you don’t want to miss it.

The festival exhibits international, independent movies from around the world that are screened for the first time in a Finnish movie theatre. Accompanying the movies will be live music performances and interviews with some of the filmmakers. More details will follow and more interesting surprises might be revealed.

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Our featured features (so far):

* Saga (NOR)

* Jupiter’s Moon (Hungary / Germany)

* Shepherds and Butchers (South Africa / USA / Germany)

* Dust Cloth (Turkey Germany)

* The Divine Order (Switzerland)

* Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong (USA / Hong Kong)

* About Scout (USA)

Hold Me (Canada)

(More movies coming soon)

Important: All movies are in English, or with English subtitles.


Are you interested in giving a helping hand to the festival? There are many interesting tasks to do from the documenting and editing to the catering and marketing. Tell us what you are interested in and we find the most suitable task for you. You don’t have to volunteer for the whole time during the festival because we want you to see the movies also – for free, when you are part of the festival team. Hit us with a e-mail: