Black & White Night

24.01.2018 @ 19:00 – 21:00

Come see three Short Films by Buster Keaton with soundtrack on piano performed LIVE by Ralf Nyqvist! We’re screening One Week, The Blacksmith and The Balloonatic. Tickets available now: Adults (18+) 16€, and Children (0-17) 10€.

Class 6 of the English department at Vasa Övningsskola in Vasa have for eleven years in a row made a trip to Great Rollright CE Primary School in Oxfordshire, England as an exchange program with the students of same age in Oxford also coming to Vasa.

The students, parents and teachers concerned have actively collected money for the trip to England by selling assorted products, organizing lotteries, and discos and a lot of other things throughout the years. This time around we decided to do something different, and this is it!

We are organizing a Black and White Night at Ritz to support the 6th graders’ twelfth trip to England. During this night we are going to screen three short silent movies by “The Great Stone Face” Buster Keaton. Ralf Nyqvist has composed a custom soundtrack on piano for the movies and is going to perform it LIVE!

We will have all sorts of Black and White activities and a convenient mingly break after the second movie. There will among other things be a B&W candystand, a B&W lottery and such, so bring cash for these activities!

Tickets for the event will be sold by the children of 5th and 6th grade of the English Department in Vasa Övningsskola, by Kristian in iris optikko, Hartman House and by Studio Ticket, Rewell Center. Admission wil be 16€ for adults (18 years and up) and 10€ for children (0-17 years) when bought in advance, and 18€/12€ at the door during the event.

Short Films:
-One Week (19min 55sec)
-The Blacksmith (20min 32sec)
-The Balloonatic (23min 31sec)

Tickets: 16/10€ in advance, 18€/12€ at the door
Doors open 19:00, screening of three movies and mingle-time until around 21:00
Language: English
Subtitles: none available
Suitable from age of 5