Out of Fashion

29.04.2017 @ 16:00 – 16:58
5 €

Cheap and fast. This is how the mass fashion is. Think about your new pair of Zara jeans. Who actually made them? How did they make it to the store?

The film “Out of Fashion” follows Reet Aus’s journey from Tallinn, through the fashion stages of Europe and the cotton plantations of South America, and right into the epicenter of mass production in Bangladesh. It’s an extraordinary insight into the dark side of the fashion industry, the forerunner of the modern consumption rally.

The screening is a part of the Fashion Revolution Week, 24-30th April 2017, the biggest global movement campaigning for a fairer, safer, cleaner fashion industry.

Liput/Tickets/Biljetter: 5€
Kieli/Language/Språk: Estonian, English.
Tekstitys/Subtitles/Textning: English
58 min