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Kino tickets can be bought in the café 20 minutes before each film. The seating is free and not written on the ticket. We give discounts to Ritz members, students, pensioners, unemployed and children under 12 years old. We also have a package deal, 5 tickets for 40€. Tickets are also sold at StudioTicket. We only screen one trailer, and no advertising, before the films so please come on time!

Aug 18 @ 12:00 – Aug 20 @ 22:00
Artists and Aliens Film Festival
ARTISTS AND ALIENS FILM FESTIVAL 18-20 August 2017 in Ritz, Vaasa Artists and Aliens Film Festival brightens up the City of Vaasa for the first time this August. This  festival is happening for the first … Continue reading "Artists and Aliens Film Festival"