Renting the venue

Ritz can be rented by organizers for public and private events. The venue can also be booked for private film screenings (contact us at for prices). The rental price for the whole venue, including personnel, technical equipment and technician (for 4 hours) is:

Monday-Thursday 950€/day
Friday-Sunday 1100 €/day

The venue has 313 seats in two levels. Below is a list of the technical equipment. Visit our gallery for more pictures of the venue.

Ritz has a nice, old but good, Hellas/Bechstein piano that can be moved from the cafe to the stage for a small fee + tuning fees.

Contact information

For more information contact executive manager Jessica Mattila on telephone: +358 44 5030031 or e-mail us at skafferiet (at)

Please contact house technician Jakob Löflund on +358 40 143 7217 or
in case of questions or concerns regarding technical matters.

Audio equipment

May be changed without notice. Please contact us in advance.

Audio console

Behringer X32

Main PA

2x L’acoustics 12XT main hang alt. ARCS WiFo
2x L’acoustics 8XTi balcony fill
2x L’acoustics SB118 subwoofers
2x L’acoustics 5XT front fill
2x L ́acoustics LA4 Amplified controller

Monitors / Moveable speakers

7x LD VUE12 on six separate mixes
2x LD 4x980W@4ohm amplifiers


32/8 multicore between stage and FOH. Additional 8ch return to stage available


1x Shure Beta52
4x Shure SM57
5x Shure SM58
3x Octava MK012
3x Sennheiser e604
2x Sennheiser e906
4x BSS AR-133 Active DI Box
1x Radial D2 passive stereo DI-box
Lighting equipment

Lighting console

PC with Chamsys MagicQ software and Chamsys PC-Wing.

Dimmers and splitters

ETC Smartrack 24x13A. Outlets: 4x Socapex
DMX-Splitter: 4 Way both 3- and 5-pin

Light fixtures

6pcs ARRI 1kw Pole operated fresnell
4pcs 1kw Niethammer profile
6pcs Robe Colorwash 250AT


Some Socapex cables and breakouts, DMX cables and schuko extension cables available.


Front truss 4K-30, 12mtrs.
Middle truss 4K-30, 12mtrs.
Stage sides 3K-30, 6mtrs per side.
Backdrop truss 2K-30, 5,5mtrs.

Video equipment

Projector (Barco DP2K-10SX) on balcony.
VGA or HDMI over CAT5 from stage to projector.
Motorized projection screen is located between the upper and lower stage. Size approx. 9x5m. Time from closed to open is approximately 2min.
CYP EL5500 switcher/scaler

Stage equipmentstage

6x Music stand
1x Piano chair
1x Piano stand
2x Music stand lights
1x Long microphone stand straight
10x Long microphone stand with boom
3x Short microphone stand with boom
2x Extra short microphone stand with boom
3x Risers 1x2m (h=400mm) without wheels.

Please bring your own music stands and lights!

Stage dimensions

Lower stage is 10m wide and 4m deep with stairs to stage on upstage left side. Stage height from floor level is 1.2m

Upper stage is approx. 9,4m wide and 3m deep with stairs to lower stage at downstage center. Stairs to floor level is available far stage left. Stage height from floor level is 2m.

Fire exits

The fire exit towards the alley, backstage, must me unlocked during performances and rehersals. It must be locked when leaving the premises. The fire exits must not be blocked! Any props you bring must be fireproof!


It is not possible to park near the backstage entrance. Parking near the entrance is only allowed during load-in and load-out. This is because the back entrance is in an alley with garages that need to be clear. The alley is also an rescue path for the whole block. Please ensure that you are not blocking the driveways when temporarily parking.

It is not possible to park a bus for the same reasons. Parking is possible by the street or at the old bus station: Olympiakatu 16,65100, VAASA

Mains power

One (1) – 63 amps, 3 phase, 5 wire SL
One (1) – 32 amps, 3 phase, 5 wire, Electrical cabinet SL * One (1) – 16 amps, 3 phase, 5 wire
Electrical cabinet SL *
Three (3) – 16 amps, 1 phase, 3 wire, Electrical cabinet SL *

* These are limited by the electrical cabinets main fuse at 25A, 3 phase !!!